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Kit Centerpiece Plateau Christmas


Dimensions: 23.5cm x 15.5cm x 4cm

Waiting for Christmas, DMC offers this kit to the SAL cartonnage 'Christmas Tea' 'to find on our blog . The kit contains 1 coupon Geometry fabric (ecru) 40 cm x 85 cm, 1 coupon canvas intissé (or colors) of 25 cm x 45 cm, 1 beaded skein size 5 (color 816), 1 skein of stranded (816 colors), 1 rat tail meter (red color) and 1 embroidery needle. the explanations of the SAL cartonnage you are given on our blog DMC . The technique of embroidery Geometry is to drag a colored thread under the small bridges of the canvas, thus forming very quickly graphic geometric patterns. Does not contain cardboard

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