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Diamond Wire

Ref. 380

The new DMC thread Diamond is available in 6 metallic colors and is easy to use for cross stitch and traditional embroidery.

The diamond wire is available in 12 different colors:
Gold Cl (D3821), Gold (D3852), Silver Cl (D168), Silver (D415), Gold & Black (D140), Copper (D301), White (D5200), Black ( D310), Rose (D316), Red (D321), Green (D699), Bronze (D898)
Length: 35m
Composition: 72% viscose and 28% metallized polyester
D140: 89% rayon and 11% metallized polyester

This new embroidery thread DMC embroidery thread to the metallic hand. This thread, made of viscose and polyester, is flexible and resistant. It brings brightness and exceptional shine to embroidery. It perfectly meets the needs of softness, strength, coverage of the fabric and embroidery highlighting. It can be used on all types of media embroidery (cotton, linen, silk, satin, ...), for cross stitch and traditional embroidery. Very easy to use, it slides perfectly through the fabric; it is 2 strands stranded. It is made in Japan

available in 12 colors 6 new colors : White, Pink, Red, Green, Bronze, Black 100% polyester
6 contemporary colors : cl Gold, Gold, Gold & Silver, Black Cl, ArgMetallised Polyester (D140: 89% Rayon / 11% polyester metallised)
Length: 35m coil

The diamond wire is made of viscose fibers wrapped in metallized polyester. -Viscose: Called 'artificial silk' 'for its flexibility, it is more absorbent than cotton
-Polyester: flexible fiber, including resistant to friction
Can be hand washed in warm water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach. After washing the piece, wrap a towel to absorb excess water, then dry flat.Using a low temperature iron. For dry cleaning of parts, all dry cleaning solvents except trichlorethylene can be used.

The diamond wire can be used on many different fabrics and for any piece of sewing for:
Christmas / wedding / birthday designs.
Cross embroidery parts
embroidery Parts
Accessories Home / Clothing
Placemats / Coasters / guest card.

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